Komodo Dragon Tour

Komodo Dragon Tour

Komodo Dragon Tour is on of the tours at Labuan Bajo, where you can see Komodo Dragon – the largest lizard in the world – in their natural environment. On this tour, not only Komodo Dragon but aslo other wild life animals.

Spend one day or multiple days for Komodo Dragon Tour to explore the Komodo National Park.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon is the main attraction that attract many people to visit Komodo National Park. They can be found at Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Nusa Kode and also Gili Motang.

Komodo dragons are cold-blooded, they are constantly regulating their body temperature. In the early morning, they must warm-up their bodies in the sun. If their body temperature drops too low, the food in their stomach can rot and cause regurgitation or even death.

However, the Komodo dragon’s body temperature must not exceed 42 degrees Celsius (108 degrees Fahrenheit). When it is too hot, they must rest and seek shade to prevent their body from over-heating. That is why they always lay around.

Can Komodo Dragon Run?

Komodo Dragon can run and when frightened, they can up to 18 km/h for short distance. Usually, they can run at a slower pace 8 – 10 km/h.

Komodo dragon usually weigh up to 90 kg (198 pounds). The largest ever measured 165.9 kilogram.  But this might be because its belly was full of food.

It is difficult to tell the difference between male and female dragons without checking for a special scale pattern that males have on their underside at the base of their tail. However, one way to tell the difference in fully grown animals is that very large dragons are usually male.

Male dragon can ne 3.13 meters and female dragons rarely grow over 2.5 meters. They can live up to 50 years and may be longer.

Komodo Dragon can also swim and climb trees. They can swim at least 500 meters. Young dragon spend most of their time in trees but those how over 1.5 meter cannot do that.



Female Komodo dragons start mating when they are seven years old and eight years old for male. The mating season is normally start from July to August. A female can produce 15 to 30 eggs. Average 18 eggs per clutch, one clutch per year.

Where do dragons lay their eggs?

Female Komodo dragons often lay their eggs in a burrow. Sometimes they use the mound of the scrub fowl. The female dragons digs several false tunnels so that predators cannot find the eggs easily. The Komodo dragon eggs incubate for eight to nine months. The eggs usually hatch in March or April.

How big are the eggs?

The average size of Komodo Dragon eggs is 8.6 cm long with a diameter of 5.9 cm and weight of 105 grams. The shells are soft and leathery.

They start to lay their eggs on a burrow an sometimes they use a mound of scrub fowl.  The eggs incubate about eight to nine months and usually hatch in March of April

The average size of Komodo dragon eggs is 8.6 cm long, with a diameter of 5.9 cm and a weight of 105 grams. The eggs are about the size of swan eggs. The shells are soft and leathery. The average length when dragons are born is 30.4 cm but can vary from 28cm to 55cm. the average weight is 80.3 grams.

Do the female dragons take care of their young?

FemaleKomodo only guard their nest during the incubation period for about three months. The young dragons must fend for themselves after they are born.

The young dragon live in trees up to 2 years old. They usually eat other small lizards, eggs, rats, snakes, and insects that live in trees


How Far Can Komodo Dragon Smell?

Komodo dragons use their tongue to detect scents and smells. They use their tongue to pick up chemical particles in the air and ground, then put them in their Jacobson’s organs located on the roof of their mouth. Jacobson’s organs are a kind of “super nose”.

Dragons can detect scents up to five kilometers away. However, they can smell up to 11 km away depending on the direction of the wind.


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