1. For booking, please kindly send us your details: Dates of Tour, Copy of Passport, to our email:
  2. We will send you Booking Confirmation Letter
  3. Booking status will be confirmed when you have paid a down payment.


  1. All tour prices are quoted in IDR
  2. Down payment is a must to confirm and secure you tour booking.
  3. Your payment is using by Bank Transferred, Western Union.
  4. We do not receive payment using by CREDIT CARD
  5. Rest Payment must be settled a week prior the tour is started


  1. Cancellations by Beyond Komodo Tour due to any reasons will result 100% refund
  2. Cancellations 30 days or more prior to tour date, after down payment your Down Payment will result 50% refund.
  3. Cancellation after full payment by customers for any reasons will not refundable.