Komodo Island Tour Packages

Komodo island is the home of largest lizard in the world. As a home of Dragon, the is island most popular destination. It is beacuse of the island, the only place in the world that have Komodo Warane. Exploring Komodo Island with some option of Tour Packages make your vacation perfect.

In this tour, we offer some activities that make your vaction unforgetable. We offers trekking and walking under the jungle to at Komodo Island find Komodo Dragon, Wild Boar, Monkey, Timor Deer and other wild life animals.  For those who really love birds, we offer bird watching while walking to find Komodo Dragon.

At Padar Island, the activies are walking through more less 800 steps to the top of the island to enjoy the landscape and uniquness three color beaches.

Snorkeling and relaxing at some places are the most enjoyable. Pink Beach at Komodo Island, Long Pink Beach at Padar Island, Snorkeling  at Taka Maksar, Manta Point and Siaba Island are included in these tour packages.

  • One Day Tour Padar Island

    One Day Tour Padar Komodo

    1 Day Tour
    One Day Tour with local wooden boat is the popular tour package. It covers Padar, […]
    (2 Reviews)
  • Komodo Island Tour 2D1N

    Komodo Island Tour 2D1N

    2Days 1Night
    Explore Kelor island, snorkeling at Manjerite and trekking at Padar island. On the second day, […]
    (2 Reviews)
  • Komodo Island Tour 3D 2N

    Komodo Island Tour 3D2N

    3Days 2Nights
    Kelor island, Manjerite, Trekking at Rinca Island, enjoy night bats at Kalong Island. Padar island, […]
  • One Day Komodo Island Tours

    One Day Tour Komodo

    9 Hours
    One Day Komodo Island Tour with Speed Boat is the popular tour package. It covers […]

Komodo Shore Tours

Shore Tours at Komodo island is the most popular excursions for passengers on cruise line that would like to visit Indonesia. We offers some activites such as, walking and trekking to find Komodo Dragon, Timor Deer, Wild Boar, Bird and enjoy the environment. After walking and trekking, the passengers can snorkel and relax at Pink Beach, visit Local Village.

Flores Island Tours

Flores island, one of the biggest island in East Nusa Tenggara, have some beautiful places that offers unforgetable experience. As an adventure tour, Flores island is the best destination for learning local wisdom, culture and people. Visit Three Colours Lake at Kelimutu, visit and learn at some traditional village and houses.

Komodo Island Boat Charter

We offer Private Boat Charter for Komodo Island Tours. There are some options and type of boats. We can help our customer to book the boats.

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Minimum 2 Persons
Komodo Island Tours


Minimum 5 Persons
Minimum 5 Persons