Tours To Labuan Bajo

Tours To Labuan Bajo

Tours to Labuan Bajo, a small town on the western part of Flores Island, has been designated as one of the super priority destinations. Vacation to Labuan Bajo can be an option to fill your spare time or time off. Labuan Bajo, as the entrance to the Komodo National Park. As a world heritage site, Komodo National Park offers many choices of tourist attractions that can refresh your mind and relieve fatigue. Traveling to the only home for ancient animals, Komodo, will certainly be fun if the implementation is according to what has been planned. So, here are some tips when you want to visit Labuan Bajo. 

Choose A Time of Year

The first step you need to decide is the right time to visit Labuan Bajo. If you want to travel with your family, you also need to consider school holidays, time off from work and the peak months of tourist arrivals in Labuan Bajo. For school holiday schedules, time off from work does not need to seek information from other parties. For those of you who prefer tranquility and don’t want too many tourists in a tourist spot, you also need to know the peak month for tourist visits to Labuan Bajo.

You can get information through social media, print media, electronic media or you can contact travel agents directly in Labuan Bajo. After knowing the vacation time and time off from work, determine the number of days spent traveling to Labuan Bajo

Choose Tour Package to Labuan Bajo

Make a choice of tour packages to Labuan Bajo. A tourist trip in Labuan Bajo is an ocean tourism trip. Most of the interesting tourist objects are in a group of islands both inside the National Park area and outside the area.

For those of you who don’t get seasick, maybe try the sensation of staying on a ship for one night or two nights. But for those of you who often get seasick, the right choice is to do a one-day trip. There are two choices of travel packages, namely shared trips or private tours. Share trip is a tour trip with several or a group of people you may not know.

While private travel is a tourist trip only for you, your partner, family or groups who already know each other. In travel packages, it is also necessary to keep in mind the cost components that must be recorded, such as lodging, food and drink and transportation, both airplane tickets and transportation while in Labuan Bajo.


After knowing and determining the choice of tour packages, the next step is to find information on tour package costs according to the options in point two above. You can ask several travel agents to send offers to you and compare tour package prices.

Generally, travel agents will offer prices according to the requests of potential tourists. Keep in mind that don’t be tempted by young offers of cheap tour packages. You should be suspicious if one travel agent offers a much lower price than another travel agent.

Decide on a Travel Agent

Lots of news about victims of fraud by irresponsible travel agents. To avoid that, you need to find out the profile of a travel agent. You can read reviews, comments, or stories from the experiences of other people who have traveled to Labuan Bajo. You can also ask for references from friends or friends or family who have traveled to Labuan Bajo.

Hopefully this information is useful so you can enjoy your holiday.